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Vice President for Communications Files and Objects

 Unprocessed — Multiple Containers
Identifier: HPUA 2014-034

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<emph render='bold'>Box 1: Heritage Day, Suwanee Room Dedication, Historical Photos</emph> Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi – Greek Park Gazebo Fundraiser Seminole State – Tribute and President Historical Photos Arboretum Phi Beta Kappa Ringling Tea Film High Table ‘13 Zambito Brokaw Barron Celebration BASC ‘14 Senior Toast ‘14 Vet fund info WFFSU 2011 Dean’s retreat Phi Beta Kappa Spring 2011 Wm Johnston Suwanee DR ‘06 Heritage Day 2010 <emph render='bold'>Box 2: Pre-game Football, Seminole Tribe, Photo Album</emph> Blank guestbook Sesquicentennial Celebration photo album CAP Campaign Seminole Tribe logo Seminole Tribe Logo Letter Seminole Tribe Government Seminole Current Louise visit 5/30 Seminole Students Mary Lou Norwood Estate Presidential Metal First Ladies Table Manners Event Protocol Flag Protocol Protocol International Parliamentary procedures Tax Exempt Number Pre-game ‘10 FSU Football 2011 FSU Football Pre-Game 2011 Football FSU Football Pre-Game 2012 FSU Football 2012 Heritage Day 2011 <emph render='bold'>Box 3: Event & Miscellaneous Desk Files, Stationary, Presidential Search</emph> Assorted stationery Sample Letters Phone Numbers Krishnamurti Dinner 50<emph render='super'>th</emph> Integration Burning Spear Celebrations by Tenure/Book Selection Endowment House collections Mixon collection President’s house President’s house inventory (2) Donations/Rebecca Hood House collections FSCW/FSU Samples Unnamed folder with loan agreements Event group/calendar ’13 workshop protocol Pre-eminence PH Art PH Book Inventory Windows Class gifts Museum/FSU artifact inventory Museum requests Misc. Personal Pres. Search Event Directive Barron Portrait Football ’14 (3) Events Workshop Group Alice <emph render='bold'>Box 4: Seminole Tribe, Heritage Protocol</emph> Seminole Student Tour ‘06 Tribe Misc. ‘07 Out for Tribe Brighton Tribal School Brighton/Rolle Tina visit 11/24/08 Seminole Tour ‘08 Seminole students A. Bowers ‘10 Tribe visit ‘10 Seminole trip/Sargeant Tribe Proposal Tribe Proposal Tribute ’09 Garden Seminoles Seminoles to file 9/06 Restoration Seminole Tribe 2007 Seminole tribe 2005 <emph render='bold'>Box 5: President’s House Construction</emph> President’s House events June 2013-December 2013 Faculty and Family Fun Day Construction NOAA Conf. Ringling July 19-21, 2010 President’s House Events January 2010 – July 2010 President’s House Events November 2010 – June 2010 President’s House Events March 2011 – December 2011 President’s House Events September 2011 – June 2012 President’s House Events July 2012 – December 2012 <emph render='bold'>Box 6: President’s House, Seminole Tribe, Football, Vets</emph> President’s House Events January 2013 – June 2013 President’s House Events October 2011 – February 2012 Seminole Tribe & Big Cypress Visit Seminole Museum Project Champs Sports Bowl FSU Voices Edward Jonas Sculptor Vet’s Film Festival 2011 Portraits Football 2013 <emph render='bold'>Box 7: President’s House, Vets</emph> Pres. House To Do President’s house Myer’s and Fuller PA President’s House Manual (2007) President’s House (2007) President’s House Owner’s Manual President’s House Manual FSU President’s House Policy President’s House Manual 2010 President’s House Docent Manual President’s House Inventory <emph render='bold'>Box 8: Miscellaneous Files</emph> Ex. Oyhu Univ. (?) Research org. structure FSCW Documentary Suwannee Tax Exempt John Champion Remarks, Fine Arts Festival MCS List/Invoices MC – Budget/Invoices/Records WFFSU 12/13 Strategic Plan Parking Lot Count Faculty Info Awards Policies/Procedures Old Prez House Event Checklist, Sample Letters 2012 Pres. BBQ Aug ‘11 Positions UR <emph render='italic'>Untitled folder containing newspaper clippings, Investment in Learning Brochures </emph>LW III and Other First Ladies Legacy Walk Loose items, 2 folders worth Legacy Walk Part 1 Legacy Walk Part 2 <emph render='bold'>Box 9: Misc. Objects/DVDs/E-Records</emph> Invitation samples from various institutions Seminole Tribe of Florida tie (2) FSCW fork and small spoon Seminole patchwork doll pins Gold commemorative coins (16) and James D. Westcott Medal pins (23) FSU Key Pin (2) in jewelry box Commemorative coins in jewelry box (5) Sesquicentennial pins (32) Photographs from the Louis Hector Honorary Degree Dinner Photographs from Commencement and other events Assorted FSU buttons from various events (54) Rubber bracelets (7) Metal bookmark (2) National Champs magnets (2) Tournament tour golf ball Promotional cards for Billy Dean at the President’s house FSU Art Department 2010-2011 Faculty Exhibition promotional postcards University Events Binder (empty) Sets of keys labeled “Dodd Hall” <emph render='underline'>DVDs/CDs/CD-Rs/Tapes</emph> FSU Heritage Protocol DVD (2) The Legacy Continues… Marching Chiefs CD Exhibit Panels (Disc 1 & 2) Music from Florida State University FSU Buildings and XML Files Old Pictures B/W WWII Menus Institute on World War II Seminole Tribe of Florida Moore Stone Award VHS Donna McHugh Heritage Project Images Sem. Statue Unveiling (FSU Photo Lab) President’s High Table (FSU Photo Lab) USO Tribute Preshow Program Seminole Sahril (?) (FSU Photo Lab) Seminole Family Statue Unveiling (FSU Photo Lab) Heritage Day 2007: A Special Tribute Honoring President Emeritus Bernard F. Sliger Feb. 3, 2007 Menu to Rock (?) 3/20/2012 ADPi Program Docs Backyard BBQ (FSU Photo Lab) Seminole Tribe w/ Barrons (FSU Photo Lab) Davis Gaines – Orchestra RDA 2/21/00 “Phantom of the Wireless” Seminole ppt. 2007 Billy Dean Sampler FSU Heritage Day 2006 The Dunlap Scholars Tailgate Idaho (FSU Photo Lab) Presidents’ Tailgate Miami (FSU Photo Lab) Tailgate Syracuse (FSU Photo Lab) Barron w/ Tribe (FSU Photo Lab) Myron Rolle Footage Health education program USO Tribute Show Behind the Scenes USO Show/capitol (FSU Photo Lab) TK Party Tape 1 & 2 Shea Seminole Wind T.K. Wetherell Farewell Celebration Heritage Day 2010 Heritage Halftime Video (-Atwell) Eric Barron discs: UF email 9-0, UT –JSG, Other UT, UT but P, UT email sent mail, Presentations – UT, UT email a-f, UT email P-T, UT email not JSG (2) Rubens Werkmeister Museum Info Seminole Pictures Iran Pour (FSU Photo Lab) FSCW Chimes (FSU Photo Lab) WWII Cartoons I & II Apalachicola Askew Tea, Hood Tea, Chef School (FSU Photo Lab) Mina Joe Pock Tribe – High Res for PP President’s House Docent manual The Dorian Q 2 Pres. B. pics FSU Alumni Association Presents the 2010 Homecoming Awards Breakfast November 6, 2010 DeVoe Moore Naming Ceremony Nov. 12, 2010 (FSU Photo Lab) Remembering the Sixties (FSU Photo Lab) Heritage Protocol Materials Disc 1 of 2 Images of past presidents of FSU and predecessor institutions 1/08/03 (FSU Photo Lab) Seminole Items (FSU Photo Lab) Tribe visit Pregame vs. BC (FSU Photo Lab) Pregame vs. Duke (FSU Photo Lab) Vet Coin Presentation (FSU Photo Lab) Naresh Dalal Lecture (FSU Photo Lab) ROTC Lunch (FSU Photo Lab) Pregame at President’s House Wake Forest and Clemson (FSU Photo Lab) New Faculty Reception (FSU Photo Lab) Heritage Day (FSU Photo Lab) <emph render='bold'>Box 10: OS Photos, Prints and Signs</emph> FSU Basketball photo Seminole Tribe of Florida Chant FSU Fight Song Heritage Museum Construction Documents and Schematic Design Submission Arpeika’s Creed Integration Statue Poster 59<emph render='super'>th</emph> Anniversary Poster BCS National Championship Poster <emph render='underline'><emph render='bold'>Box 11: Heritage Protocol & Museum</emph></emph> Heritage Museum Heritage Protocol 2006- History Heritage Protocol Photos HP Overall

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