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01. Manuscripts Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: 01

Found in 1228 Collections and/or Records:

Hilbert Levitz transcript

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2011 Box, Folder: 11.0057 - Folder 1
Identifier: 11.0057
Scope and Contents

Hilbert Levitz's oral history discusses his childhood and teenage years growing up during the war and his career as a professor at multiple universities. His wartime memories consist of learning about Pearl Harbor, Adolf Hitler, his family's involvement in the war, war bonds, the Holocaust, the 1939 World's Fair, and the advancement of technology. Levitz also goes into depth about his short time in the army during the Korean War, his higher education, and computer science.

Dates: Created: 1939-2003; Other: Majority of material found in 1939-1969; Other: Date acquired: 08/30/2011

Henry Louis and Mart Hill collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 00.0732
Scope and Contents Henry Louis Hill served as a captain with the U.S. Army's 97th Infantry, Field Artillery, S-3 Battalion during World War II. This collection contains a veteran's questionnaire from Louis Hill; a one-page faded cartoon of native women on Guadalcanal; and a brief (less than one page) recount of how Hill came upon a Japanese lantern, which is also part of the collection. The collection also contains a black and white photograph of the president of Florida State College for Women (FSCW), Dr. Edward Conradi, buying supposedly the first defense bond issued in Tallahassee, FL, from Miss Mart Pierson (later married to Henry Louis Hill). According to the inscription on the photograph, the date...
Dates: Created: 1943-2000; Other: Date acquired: 09/14/2000

Hilliard C. Smathers papers

 Collection — Flight Logs/Documents
Identifier: 97.0062
Scope and Contents

This collection contains six Aviator's Flight Log Books from Captain Hilliard C. Smathers' time as a pilot with the U.S. Navy, from 1930-1951. Also included is the flag that flew in Smathers' honor over the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. and two certificates confirming this occasion. The US Naval Aviator certificate contains a picture of Smathers, as well as the date on which he was officially certified as a Naval Aviator - March 21, 1942 - and three instrument rating cards.

Dates: Created: 1930-1986; Other: Majority of material found in 1930 - 1950; Other: Date acquired: 11/27/1997

John E. Hinrichs transcript

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2006 Box 2 (06.0075-06.0150), Folder: 06.0115 - Folder 1
Identifier: 06.0115
Content Description

John E. Hinrichs served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1941 to 1946 in the Pacific Theatre (Iwo Jima, Hawaii). He enlisted before Pearl Harbor, was assigned to Midway, then the 8th Field Depot, and was sent in as a part of the Army of Occupation of Japan. He discussed how the army affected him later in life. This collection contains an oral history interview transcript.

Dates: Event: Majority of material found within 1941-1946; January 15, 2005

James H. Hinson, Jr. transcript

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 1999 Box, Folder: 99.0610 - Folder 1
Identifier: 99.0610
Scope and Contents

This oral history interview transcript of Sergeant James H. Hinson, Jr. details his experiences during World War II with the 132nd Ordnance Maintenance Company, 11th Tank Battalion in the United States Army, in the European Theater of Operations. His oral history focuses on his childhood, basic training, D-Day, capturing German soldiers, being awarded the Bronze Star, home front support, visiting Buchenwald Concentration Camp, playing baseball overseas, returning to college, and his outlook on the military.

Dates: Created: 1943-1946; Other: Majority of material found within 1943-1999; Other: Date acquired: 11/17/1999

Laura Elizabeth Smith Hiott scrapbook

 Collection — 15.0039 - Box 1
Identifier: 15.0039
Scope and Contents

This collection is related to Laura Elizabeth Smith Hiott. The collection contains a scrapbook of military base letterheads, booklets: The WAC, Manual for Civil Defense. Also included are newspaper articles from Miami Herald and the Jacksonville (Florida) Times-Union which reveal Ms. Smith Hiott's perspective on major events during the war and often focus on servicewomen.

Dates: 1942-1945; Other: Majority of material found within 1942-1945; Other: Date acquired: 10/29/2015; Other: Date accessioned: 2020-06-04

Leslie Hiscox papers

 Collection — 00.0399 - Box 1
Identifier: 00.0399
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to Captain Leslie Hiscox served who served as a British officer in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC). He was stationed in Damascus and Palestine. He participated in the invasion force of Sicily, with the British 8th Army commanded by General Sir Bernard Montogomery. He was also part of the invasion of Italy. This collection consists of Leslie Hiscox's two diaries from his time posted in Damascus and Palestine from 1942-1943.

Dates: January 1, 1942-December 31, 1943; Other: Date accessioned: 2004-05-13

Historic Homes Preservation Committee of Leon County Records

 Collection — Box 149: Series 1; Series 2; Series 3
Identifier: MSS 1991-005
Scope and Contents

The Leon County Commissioners passed a resolution in 1958 to see what could be done to restore historic homes and buildings in Tallahassee, Florida. Governor Millard Caldwell served as Chairman of the Historic Homes Preservation Committee.

Dates: Created: 1958

Historical Newspaper Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2015-002
Scope and Contents

The collection's two major groupings of papers are Antebellum and Civil War newspapers in OS Box 1 and Gilded Age, Progressive, and 20th century newspapers in OS Box 2. The majority of the papers are from the southern states in the United States. OS Box 3 is photostat copies of its contents.

Online Copies Available

Portions of this collection have been digitized can be found online in the FSU Digital Library.

Dates: Created: 1792-1945

Historical Papers of Massachusetts and Alabama

 Collection — MSS 0-139
Identifier: MSS 0-139
Scope and Contents Collection consists of the following: 1. 1620-1646. Prospectus (broadside) "Of Plimoth Plantation," by William Bradford, Governor, who wrote a detailed history of the early years of Plymouth Colony. He covers in great detail everything that happened from the landing of the Mayflower in December, 1620, through the year 1646. 2. 1804. Newspaper. 'New England Palladium,' Boston, Tuesday, November 27, 1804. No. 43, Vol. 24. The four-page issue is a good example of a New England newspaper format of the period. 3. 1840. Alabama. U.S.A. Land Grant No. 12009. Signed by Martin Van Buren, President, and issued to Allen Masengale of Madison County, Alabama....
Dates: Created: 1620-1840; Created: Majority of material found in 1620-1646, 1804, 1840; Other: Date acquired: 00/00/1965

History of Nursing Collection

Identifier: MSS 2017-012

Hodgkiss, Scott, and Company Letterbook

 Collection — MSS 2003-07 - Letterbook
Identifier: MSS 2003-07

Letterbook includes correspondence with Hodgkiss, Scott, and Company clients. Nature of company and location cannot be determined.

Dates: Created: 1865-1866

Mildred Hoffenbloom manuscript

 Collection — Single Folder Collections - 2002 Box 16 (02.0425-02.0456), Folder: 02.0451 - Folder 1
Identifier: 02.0451

Mildred Hoffenbloom was a soldier in the Women's Army Corps. She served overseas in London as a part of claims division, and in Paris, as an office manager to the American Engineers. She remained in Paris until V-E Day in May 1945, and was discharged from the Army in July 1945.

Dates: Created: January 14, 2002; Event: Majority of material found within 1942-1945; Other: Date acquired: 05/28/2002

Wilkinson Collection on Thomas Hoffer

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2021-004
Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence, course materials, and FSU publications documenting personal and educational activities of Thomas Hoffer, as well as activities of the FSU College of Communications.

Dates: 1976 - 2006

Jean Gibbs Hoffman Family collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 17.0036
Scope and Contents

This family collection relates to three relatives who served during World War II: Rollin Lewis Gibbs, Jr. who served with the U.S. Navy as a Storekeeper 2nd Class; Helen Jean Brickley who served with the United States Naval Reserve (Women's Reserve) as a Lieutenant Commander; and Frank Brickley who served with the United States Marine Corps as a Technical Sergeant. The collection includes photographs, certificates, documents, and artifacts.

Dates: Created: 1945-2001; Other: Majority of material found within 1945-1946; Other: Date acquired: 12/22/2017

Cay Hohmeister collection

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2016 Box, Folder: 16.0008 - Folder 1
Identifier: 16.0008
Scope and Contents

This collection includes 2 American knitting pamphlets from between 1943 and 1945, titled "Knit for Victory" and "Practical, Warm Hand Knits for Service Men." Continued from World War I, the "Knit for Victory" campaign emphasized the contributions women on the homefront could make to the war effort. Pamphlets of patterns like these were available to provide instructions for women to knit socks, sweaters, hats, and other essentials to help soldiers stay warm overseas.

Dates: 1943-1945; Other: Date acquired: 05/19/2016

Walter A. Holle collection

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections – 2013 Box, Folder: 13.0002 - Folder 1
Identifier: 13.0002
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to Walter A. Holle, Second Lieutenant who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a spotter pilot and served in the European Theater with 5th Army Headquarters. Holle participated in the Battles of Salerno and Anzio. This collection contains a manuscript memoir, document, and Compact Disk containing scans of the materials.

Dates: Event: 1941-1953; Other: Date acquired: 2013-01-29; Other: Date accessioned: 2013-06-18

Hollingsworth Papers

 Collection — Box 513
Identifier: MSS 1968-140
Scope and Contents The Mount Vernon Plantation (the name was later changed to Pickney Hills) was located in Jefferson County about seven miles east of Monticello, Florida with a view overlooking "Razor Lake," so named by Mr. Hollingsworth because of its shape. The number of slaves listed, the livestock listed, records of sales of farm products, purchases of supplies, and descriptions of different parcels of land shown in the Last Will of John Hollingsworth indicate that Mount Vernon Plantation covered rather extensive acreage. The will also shows that he owned a home near Edgefield, South Carolina, which was situated on "about eleven hundred acres." The papers consist of...
Dates: Created: 1768-1887, 1916; Other: Majority of material found in 1788-1887

Roy M. Holt papers

 Collection — Single Folder Collections - 2003 Box 4 (03.0078-03.0124), Folder: 03.0095 - Folder 1
Identifier: 03.0095
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of Roy Mack Holt, who was enlisted in the U.S. Navy and worked as a Navy aircraft pilot during World War II, serving on anti-submarine patrols on the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean Sea (Cuba, Brazil, and Morocco). The interview covers his life before and after service. The interview also describes his years after the war studying at Florida State University. This collection also includes a small fragment of his obituary.

Dates: Created: 1921-1947; Other: Majority of material found within 1941-1946; Other: Date acquired: 03/20/2001

Hope C. Waggoner Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 08.0148
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to Hope C. Waggoner who served with the 18th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron in the European Theater during World War II. These papers contain information on the day to day life of an army soldier. It contains his army papers, newspaper clippings, propaganda pieces, and personal correspondences.

Dates: Created: 1943-1946; Other: Date acquired: 08/07/0008

Morris L. Horowitz collection

 Collection — Oversize 16.0025 - Oversize 1
Identifier: 16.0025
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to Morris L. Horowitz who served in the U.S. Army with the 669th Military Police Escort Guard Company during World War II in Europe. He was a Jewish-American soldier. The collection contains two unit group photographs.

Dates: 1944-1946; Other: Date acquired: 2016-09-08; Other: Date accessioned: 2020-04-28

Edith G. Houghton collection

 Collection — Single Folder Collections - 2004 Box 8 (04.0264-04.0310), Folder: 04.0292
Identifier: 04.0292
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to storekeeper first class Edith Houghton who served in the Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) and was a baseball player. This collection contains an interview transcript of Houghton and newspaper clippings related to her baseball tour in Japan in the 1920s.

Dates: November 17, 2004; Event: 1925-1972

Howard E. Carraway papers

 Collection — 97.0001/97.0002 - Box 1
Identifier: 97.0002

This collection includes the letters and correspondence of Naval Officer Howard E. Carraway, as well as one photograph of Carraway.

Dates: Created: 1942-1948; Other: Date acquired: 02/11/2000

Howard E. Morgan Collection

 Collection — 02.0077 - Box 1
Identifier: 02.0077
Scope and Contents

The collection contains letters, photos, POW manuscripts, Morgan's Diary, newspaper articles, telegraphs, and prison camp postcards. Also contained are correspondence letters written between members of the 17th Pursuit Squadron throughout the decades following the end of the Second World War.  It covers the years 1939-2001.

Dates: Created: 1939-2002; Other: Majority of material found in 1941-1945; Other: Date acquired: 02/05/2002

Joseph Hrabovsky collection

 Collection — 11.0037 - Box 1
Identifier: 11.0037
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to Joseph Hrabovsky who served with the 1524th Quartermaster Laundry. Joseph Hrabovksy received quartermaster training in Camp Lee, VA before being assigned to the occupation of Japan. This collection contains a Camp Lee Quartermaster Training Pamphlet, a photograph collection of Japan and Korea, and other documents including a timeline of Joseph Hrabovksy's service in Japan.

Dates: 1944-2007; Other: Date accessioned: 2011-06-16

James A. Huffaker collection

 Collection — Object 20.0001-Maps
Identifier: 20.0001
Content Description

This collection relates to James A. Huffaker who served as a 2nd Lieutenant as a Bombardier/Navigator on a B-26 Martin Marauder with the 552nd Bomb Squadron, 386th Bombardment Group, 9th Air Force, based in England during World War II. This collection includes two silk maps of Western Europe.

Dates: Usage: Majority of material found within 1944-1945; Other: Date accessioned: 2020-01-21

Forest Duane Hunsley collection

 Collection — 11.0061 - Box 1
Identifier: 11.0061
Content Description

This collection relates to Forest Duane Hunsley who served in the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Mechanic 2nd Class on the aircraft carrier U.S.S Lexington during World War II. The collection includes work notes and manuals while involved in aviation metal smithing aboard the U.S.S Lexington and Hawaii. The collection contains short letters and brief accounts of the Battle of Coral Sea, and the journalism that followed him in his hometown in Illinois. Informational booklet about New Caledonia is also included.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1942-1945; 1923-1984; Other: Date accessioned: 2020-05-01

Hurtis "Jack" Lowell Enlow papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 98.0552
Scope and Contents The Hurtis "Jack" Lowell Enlow papers consist of a diary and various documents relating to his service as an ambulance driver for the 482nd Medical Collection Company. Sergeant Enlow's diary illustrates what life was like as an ambulance driver during the war. He describes in detail the casualties he witnessed, fighting during the Battle of the Bulge, traveling through Europe, basic training, prisoners of war, and the Buchenwald concentration camp. While some descriptions are graphic, they depict the true nature of the war. His documents include photographs taken at Buchenwald, basic training notice, a German train ticket, German advertisement, one Victory Mail letter, post-war customs...
Dates: Created: 1943-1952; Other: Majority of material found in 1943-1945; Other: Date acquired: 07/17/1998

Bill Huston collection

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2006 Box 2 (06.0075-06.0150), Folder: 06.0077 - Folder 1
Identifier: 06.0077
Scope and Contents This collection relates to Sergeant William "Bill" W. Huston who served in the 448th Bomber Group, 713th Bomb Squadron US Army Air Force in the European Theater of Operation. This collection also relates to John Robert Huston who served in the U.S. Army in field artillery and gun battery regiments. In addition to the letters, the collection contains a description of Bill Huston, escape from Switzerland, his Air medal citation, a history of the 8th Air Force titled "Target Germany," and a 1942 picture book of Scott Air Field in Illinois, the Huston mother's ration booklet, several photographs of Bill Huston at Scott Field, and a safe-conduct pass issued to Bill Huston by the French...
Dates: Event: Majority of material found within 1943-1945; Other: Date accessioned: 2006-05-04

Fannie Hutchison transcript

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 1999 Box, Folder: 99.0290 - Folder 1
Identifier: 99.0290
Content Description

This collection relates to Fannie Hutchison, a Wainwright shipyard employee during World War II. This collection contains an oral history transcript of an interview with Hutchison. She tells her experience as an electric welder on the night shift from 1942-1945. Hutchison shares that she had six sons in service, including one step-son that was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese. She describes her typical workday, as well as an incident where a man was injured on the job. Hutchison also comments on the diversity of workers at the shipyard and recounts preaching the Bible to shipyard workers. She discusses the pay difference between welders and tackers.

Dates: June 24, 1992; Event: Majority of material found within 1942-1945