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FLA. Florida Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: FLA
Includes collections related to people, events, and locations in the state of Florida, as well as predecessor polities such as the Territory of Florida, Spanish and British colonial Florida, and indigenous populations. For collections related to Florida State University and its predecessor institutions, see Florida State University Collections (FSU).

Found in 171 Collections and/or Records:

Mary Simpson Yarbrough Papers

 Collection — Box 158a
Identifier: MSS 0-274
Scope and Contents

These papers consist of materials relating to lands, a mercantile business, the plantation of Mary Simpson's grandfather, Theodore Turnbull, an Indian Wars Pensions document, and several deeds, including a land deed of her great grandmother, Mary Ann Perkins.

Dates: Created: 1850-1894; Other: Date acquired: 10/01/1968

M.C. Stephens Letter

 Collection — Box 157
Identifier: MSS 1964-236
Scope and Contents Typed copy of letter by Mr. M. C. Stephens (1835) to his daughter, Sarah, at Newburn, North Carolina. From content of the letter, it is clear that Mr. Stephens came to Florida and acquired a plantation at Rosanna, near Quincy, and was in the process of building a house which he hoped to have nearly completed by the time his family would arrive. They were to travel by coastal vessel and disembark at St. Marks or Apalachicola Bay, and travel to Tallahassee by "Hack...from whence it will be easy to get home." He asked to be advised of the time of arrival of the vessel so as to "time my wagon and team to be at St. Marks with cotton to take return freight of our household stuff...
Dates: Created: 1835

Bruce Means Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2018-004
Scope and Contents

Field notes, biological and ecological data, journals, subject files, and audiovisual recordings documenting the research, professional output, and personal life of Bruce Means.

Online Copies Available

Dates: Created: 1941-1965; Other: Date acquired: 07/06/2018

Murat Family Collection

 Collection — Box 153
Identifier: MSS 0-188
Scope and Contents

Photographs of two manuscripts and a printed article from Florida Highways. Manuscripts include naturalization papers of Achille Murat and an affidavit of R. K. Call concerning those naturalization papers. The article contains information about and pictures of Achille and Catherine Murat, as well as a historical sketch of the discovery and development of Florida.

Dates: 1826-1828

N. Clare Bowen Interview

 Collection — Box 1208
Identifier: MSS 1995-004
Scope and Contents

Typed transcript of a 1972 interview with Miss N. Clare Bowen, Tallahassee, Florida, concerning her neighbors on N. Calhoun Street, particularly those of 1904. Interviewer is Clifton L. Paisley. With typed draft and correspondence. The collection also includes a list of N. Calhoun Street residents taken from the 1904 directory and a short biography of N. Clare Bowen by Mr. Paisley.

Dates: Created: 1971-1972

Nita K. Pyburn Papers

Identifier: MSS 90-5
Scope and Contents Correspondence, dissertation, manuscripts, and research notes related to the research and writing of Nita K. Pyburn. Correspondence subjects include Florida, public education, Florida State University, Leighton K. Johnson, Edgar W. Knight, New Orleans, North Carolina, South Carolina education, and Tennessee. The dissertation in the collection is entitled "Antecedents of the North Carolina School Law of 1839." The manuscripts cover subjects such as high schools in Monticello, Florida, public schools in Escambia County, Florida education, public schools in Mississippi, Robert Grosstest, the Bishop of Lincoln, M. R. Hinson, and Tallahassee schools. Her research notes discuss...
Dates: Created: 1822-1960

Old Presbyterian Church painting

 Collection — Oversize Box1
Identifier: MSS 91-7
Scope and Contents

Water color painting of Old Presbyterian Church and Dutch Kitchen, Tallahassee, Florida. Painted by Mrs. Grace Crumpacker, South Bend, Indiana.

Dates: Created: undated

Paul Kaff'ke manuscript

 Collection — Box 150
Identifier: MSS 1-14
Scope and Contents

Typescript with mounted photographs for Then and Now: Life and Adventures of Sac, Fox and Seminole Indians. The History of the Indians as taken from note books of my great grandparents, Captain Pike and Major S. M. Schofield. by Paul Kaff'ke.

Dates: Created: 1953; Other: Date acquired: 1953

Paul S. Thomson Insurance ledgers

 Collection — 3 wrapped volumes
Identifier: MSS 77-8
Scope and Contents This collection consists of three ledgers with information on insurance policies issued by Paul S. Thomson of Quincy, Florida. The ledgers contain both home and business policies including many tobacco policies. The policies bear the signature of Paul S. Thomson, but no company is listed other than one of the three underwriters listed. The ledgers date from 1899 to 1913. One ledger dates 1901-1906, and contains materials about the Traders Insurance Company of Chicago, Illinois. Another ledger dates 1899-1909, and contains information on Home Insurance Company of New York, from the agency in Quincy, Florida. The final ledger dates 1911-1913, and contains information on the Exchange...
Dates: Created: 1899-1913

Pensacola imprints and land grants

 Collection — Box 150
Identifier: MSS 0-155
Scope and Contents This collection of documents is from the large collection of papers of the British army paymaster's office which was in the possession of the Manchester autograph dealer, John Gray Bell, in 1857, and which was bought by Sir Thomas Phillips. It has been supposed that the documents were removed from Pensacola following the surrender of the town to Galvez on May 8, 1781. This collection contains 103 land grants issued in Pensacola, Florida, during the administration of Governor Peter Chester, each document signed by both he and Elias Durnford. 101 of the documents are printed forms filled out in manuscript, and two are entirely in manuscript. There are 36 surveyor's maps...
Dates: Created: 1775-1780; Other: Date acquired: 1957

Peter Chester Paper

 Collection — Box 140
Identifier: MSS 0-55
Scope and Contents

Document signed by Peter Chester, Colonial Governor of West Florida in Pensacola, dated 1772, and is an order directing Elias Durnford, Surveyour-General, to measure five hundred acres of land to be granted to Ephriam Wolfe. The order was issued at the Secretary's Office and is certified by Ph. Livingston. The quality of paper, size, form and signatures are the same as used on other orders, surveyors maps and land grants issued by Peter Chester during the same period, some of which were processed and filed in Special Collections in 1954. The official seal is attached.

Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 1772

Peter Chester Papers

 Collection — Box 140
Identifier: MSS 0-56
Scope and Contents The collection contains a warrant for an inventory of the estate of William Gabbett, deceased, by Matthew Sopwith and James Sise. The warrant was issued by Peter Chester Esquire, "Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of West Florida and the Territories depending thereon in America, Chancellor and Vice Admiral of the same & Ordinary and Sole Judge for the Probate of Wills and Granting of Letters of Administration." Catherine Gabbett is named as wife of the deceased. The itemized inventory of the effects of the late Sergeant Gabbett was appraised and signed by Matthew Sopwith and James Sise, March 1777. The document bears the seal of the British...
Dates: Created: Majority of material found in 1777; Other: Date acquired: 04/29/1949

Philip D. Beall Scrapbook

 Collection — Philip D. Beall scrapbook
Identifier: MSS 78-64
Scope and Contents

Scrapbook contains newspaper articles, congratulatory telegrams and letters on his appointment.

Dates: Created: 1941-1943; Other: Date acquired: 09/22/1978

Philip Wylie Typescripts

 Collection — Box 333
Identifier: MSS 0-357
Scope and Contents

Nine original typescripts by author Philip Wylie, many with manuscript notes and edits. Includes the text of two addresses given by Wylie at Florida State University in 1956 and 1958.

Dates: 1946, 1955-1958

Photocopies of British Documents, East Florida

Identifier: MSS 0-31
Scope and Contents

Photocopies from the Library of Congress of a manuscript collection of British East Florida documents, 1764.

Dates: Other: 1764-1768; Other: Date acquired: 09/01/1958

Photostat of minutes taken for General McGillivray respecting the Creeks

 Collection — Box 138
Identifier: MSS 0-34
Scope and Contents

An ethnographical sketch of the Creek Indians in West Florida. There are historical reports that General McGillivray, the famous chief of the Creeks, attended an Indian congress at Pensacola where a treaty was signed with the Creeks, and it could be that this document was written at that or some other Indian congress held at Pensacola between 1789-1793.

Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 1790

Pine Hill Plantation Papers

Identifier: MSS 0-204
Scope and Contents Includes materials on the American Civil War, the Bradford-Eppes family including Susan Bradford Eppes and Dr. Edward Bradford, plantation life, land and mortgages, banking, tomb inscriptions from the cemetery in Pine Hill, Florida, sheet music for "Twenty Years Ago" by J. E. McCullune, pamphlets from Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida, as well as genealogical data on the Eppes-Bradford family. Photographs include members of the Bradford-Eppes family, John Wilkes Booth, Louise Covington, and a United States Coast Guard Signal Service Station in Palm Beach, Florida. Includes manuscripts for the books Negro of the Old South and ...
Dates: Created: 1832-1926; Other: Date acquired: 07/31/1965

Port St. Joe Centennial Medal and Florida Centennial envelope and stamps

 Collection — Box 140
Identifier: MSS 0-52
Scope and Contents

This collection contains materials related to the establishing and naming of Port St. Joe, the Port St. Joe Centennial Medal (1838-1938) and Florida Centennial Envelope and Stamps (1845-1945).

Dates: Created: 1838-1945; Other: Date acquired: 01/04/1939

Records of the United States Army Quartermaster Dept. District of Middle Florida

 Collection — Box 158a
Identifier: MSS 0-247-MSS 0-247
Scope and Contents This collection consists of holograph records of the United States Army Quartermaster Department, Tallahassee, Florida, dating 1865-1869. They include letters, orders and reports in a press book with cloth-covered cardboard binding. The binding is badly worn, but the records are for the most part legible and show that they were exchanged between various "Quartermaster Stations" in Florida, Mobile, New Orleans, with the arsenal at "Chatahoochie," and the United States Quartermaster General's office in Washington, D.C. There are also eleven pages of names of military men serving with the Quartermaster Corps in Florida, and a few loose inserts including the Malachi...
Dates: Created: 1865-1869; Other: Date acquired: 03/23/1972

Red Hills of Florida Collection

 Collection — OS Box 1: Series Series 8
Identifier: MSS 1994-002
Scope and Contents This collection is comprised of the background files, notes, correspondence, permission, maps, manuscripts, and other materials that were collected or created by Clifton Paisley during the writing of his work, Red Hills of Florida. Included among these items are biographical sources, census data, maps and surveys of the Red Hills region, letters to and from local organizations and persons, newspapers, and interviews. The majority of the collection consists of those materials which actually played a part in the publication of the book. These items include notes, manuscripts, galley proofs, camera ready copies, and photographs mainly dating from the 1970s...
Dates: Created: 1820-1994

Richard Keith Call Letter

 Collection — Box 140
Identifier: MSS 1976-006
Scope and Contents

This letter, signed by R. K. Call is as follows: "Dear Sir. I have received your kind letter and have but a minute to say I am Much obliged to you and that John W. Smith of Quincy Florida should be appointed keeper of the light house at Appalachicola."

Dates: Created: 1834

Robert E. Lester Confederate Army Papers

 Collection — Box 151
Identifier: MSS 1976-009
Scope and Contents

Photocopies of papers about Confederate Army Papers of Robert E. Lester, who served as Second Lieutenant in Company C, Fifth Florida Calvary. The Regiment was composed of eight companies of cavalry under the command of Colonel George W. Scott. D.W. Gwynn was Captain of Company C.

The collection includes copies of the following items: Muster Roll Company C Scott's Batln. Cavalry. Special Order dated Sept. 3, 1863. Special Order dated Nov. 3, 1863. Letter dated Nov. 3, 1863. Pay Receipt dated Sept. 3, 1864. Approved sick furlough dated February 1, 1865.

Dates: Created: 1863-1865

Roderick Kirkpatrick Shaw collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 0-223
Scope and Contents This collection consists of original manuscripts related to Joseph Finegan, the estate of John D. Bellechasse, the Florida Railroad Company, and General H. S. Sanford. These materials should be useful as a biographical sketch of Joseph Finegan. Other subjects covered by the collection include: Jacksonville, Cuba, Lake Monroe, auctions, mill property, Joseph Oliver, St. Mary's Parish in Louisiana, debts, David L. Yulee, Confederate States District Court of Florida, George W. Call, railroad construction, Joseph Finegan & Co, Fernandina, William Phelan, orange groves in Mellonville, Florida, land sales, Orange County, John Forbes, St. Augustine, and Savannah. The collection also...
Dates: Created: 1851-1884; Other: Date acquired: 12/02/1964

Roderick Kirkpatrick Shaw Estate Division of Slaves

 Collection — Box 1805: Series Series 1
Identifier: MSS 2005-003
Scope and Contents The Roderick Kirkpatrick Shaw Estate Division of Slaves authorizes Gadsden County Commissioners Thomas Munroe, William F. Bull and Hudson Muse to divide the slaves belonging to the estate of the late Roderick K. Shaw into three equal portions and distribute them to Shaw's two sons, Roderick Gosporo Shaw and James Kirkpatrick Shaw, and to John H. Smith, husband of R. K. Shaw's daughter, Jesse Shaw Smith.In this document, the "Honorable E. C. Love, Judge of Probate" of Gadsden County directs the Commissioners to execute the transaction. The values of each estate portion are recorded, as well as the names and ages of the slaves. Online...
Dates: Created: 1858; Other: Majority of material found in January 14, 1858

Rondeau Boyd Laffitte General Store Merchandise Account Books

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2005-012
Scope and Contents

The Rondeau Boyd Laffitte General Merchandise Account Books are significant to Southern business history researchers because they document purchases of dry goods, foods, and agricultural produce at one of several general stores in Lloyd, Florida during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Dates: Created: 1890-1913; Other: Majority of material found in 1902-1907

Rosasco Family papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 0-210
Scope and Contents Business forms, letterhead papers, blueprints, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, sound recording, and related materials. This collection deals with the Rosasco and Bronnum families and their history and business ventures. There are family biographical sketches, and scrapbooks about William S. Rosasco Jr. and the USO during World War II. There are letters, land contracts, logging contracts, materials about land management, timber and naval stores, export documents, purchase and sale of tugboats, contracts for building barges, deeds, leases, tax papers, bills, reports, business papers about the Santa Rosa Lumber Company, the Bay Point Mill Company, Pinewood, Florida, Aiken...
Dates: Created: 1910-1973

St. Andrew Society Records

Identifier: MSS 2020-004
Scope and Contents

Documents and realia created and collected by the St. Andrew Society of Tallahassee and its membership, including newsletters and a Balmoral bonnet.

Dates: 1987-2004

Scarborough Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 0-216
Scope and Contents The Scarborough Papers include correspondence pertaining to mercantile business, land plats and deeds, a journal of mercantile business and plantation records. These materials about Scarborough's business afford a clear picture of early Florida merchandising and farming and contain many names of citizens of West Florida and of South Georgia. There are printed materials such as Hazeltine's almanac, The delineator and Literary digest. The 1907 Christmas issue of The delineator contains a number of Christmas songs, recipes and any amount of "styles of the month." The newspapers in the collection include six issues of The Sun, a Tallahassee,...
Dates: Created: 1868-1945; Other: Date acquired: 06/13/1966

S.D. Cawthon Certificate (State of Florida Teacher's Life Certificate)

 Collection — Oversized Map Case Box 3
Identifier: 01-##w2m

This State of Florida Teachers Life Certificate was awarded to S.D. Cawthon of October 7, 1899 as a "teacher of youth."

Dates: Created: 1899; Other: Majority of material found in 1899

Seminole Indians Miccosukee Tribe Collection

 Collection — Box 156
Identifier: MSS 1964-015
Scope and Contents

Photocopies of letters and briefs regarding the Seminole Indians in Florida and specifically the Everglades Miccosukee Tribe. Correspondents include Grady L. Crawford, Virgil H. Harington, Richard W. Ervin, LeRoy Collins and Max Denton. Also included in the collection is a "Proposed Charter of the Seminole Indians of Florida," and a brief entitled, "The Miccosukee Nation Identity and Rights," written by the Counsel for the Everglades Miccosukee Tribes of Seminole Indians.

Also known as MSS 1-15.

Dates: Created: 1957-1959