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Tallahassee Civil Rights Oral History Collection

Identifier: MSS 1990-001

Sound recordings and transcripts of interviews for project "An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Tallahassee, Florida 1956-1966: Personal Interviews with Key Civil Rights Leaders, Spokesmen, and Participants," prepared by Dr. Jackson Lee Ice for the Center for the Study of Southern Culture and Religion, Department of Religion, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. Supported by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1957, 1978; Other: Majority of material found in 1978; Other: Date acquired: 12/01/1978

Tallahassee, Florida city tax books, 1879-1887

 Collection — Box: 569
Identifier: MSS 0-301
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of tax books for the city of Tallahassee, Florida, from 1879 to 1887. Various tax collectors and assessors are listed, including: James W. Jefferson, P. D. Demilly, William H. Matthews, E. W. Yellowhair, and W. H. Thompson.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1879-1887

Tallahassee, Florida General Store Ledger

 Collection — Container: MSS 2003-016 - Ledger Book
Identifier: MSS 2003-016
Scope and Contents

Tallahassee general store ledger book documenting store purchases from 1880-1881. Name and historical information about the business cannot be determined.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: February 2, 1880-January 31, 1881

Tallahassee Genealogical Society, Inc. Records

Identifier: MSS 2010-001

This collection contains business records, publications, correspondence and manuscripts created and maintained by the Tallahassee Genealogical Society (TGS). The format of the records are in paper, book and digital format.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1981

Tallahassee Literary Club Records

Identifier: MSS 1989-006
Scope and Contents

Papers include programs of the Tallahassee Literary Club, a typed study of these programs, the constitution and by-laws of the club, minutes of meetings, book reviews, correspondence, and historical papers dealing with the founding and organization of the club.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1899-2014; Other: Date acquired: 03/10/1989

Tallahassee merchants account books, 1843-1863

Identifier: MSS 0-238
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of merchant account books and merchant inventory books from Tallahassee, Florida, dating 1843-1863. Several books list James M. Williams of Tallahassee, including his "cotton book," showing purchaser, seller, number of bales, shape, where bought, weights, prices, amount paid, expenses, commission, shipping marks and numbers, names of vessels and destination of vessels on which shipments were made. A newspaper clipping is glued to one of the blank pages at the front of this book. Another book is listed as William P. Slusser's account book.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1843-1863; Other: Date acquired: 09/29/1970

Tallahassee Pecan Company Records

 Collection — Box: 367
Identifier: MSS 0-239
Scope and Contents

Records of the Tallahassee Pecan Company, including documents of incorporation, by-laws, minutes of the meetings of the stockholders and directors, lists and description of lands owned by the company, profit and loss statements, and other materials.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1913-1937; Other: Date acquired: 11/01/1969

Teresa Holloway writings

Identifier: MSS 0-330
Scope and Contents

Collection of original manuscripts by Teresa Holloway. Also, a small collection of published stories in magazines along with newspaper clippings about Holloway's career.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1950-1967

Territorial Florida Account Sheet

 Collection — Box: 157
Identifier: MSS 1964-242
Scope and Contents

Territorial Florida Account Sheet from 1834. Covers cases to January, 1835. Also known as MSS 0-242.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1834-1835

Territorial Florida - James Monroe to Andrew Jackson correspondence

 Collection — Box: 157
Identifier: MSS 0-243
Scope and Contents

Photostat of two manuscripts and a printed copy of letter patent by James Monroe, President of the United States of America to Andrew Jackson, Florida's territorial governor.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1821-1861; Other: Majority of material found in 1821, 1861

Territorial Florida - U.S.A. original land patents

 Collection — Box: 151
Identifier: MSS 0-160
Scope and Contents This collection consists of four land patent documents for Leon and Columbia Counties in Florida, and date between 1826 and 1844. Certificate number 588, issued by the United States of America Land Office at Tallahassee, to David Thomas of Florida, covers a described acre of land in the Territory of Florida containing eighty acres. The document bears the U.S.A. seal and was signed by John Quincy Adams, President of the United States on May 1, 1826. On the other side, in manuscript, it shows that for a consideration of $200.00 the deed was, on July 24, 1826, transferred to Joseph W. Field of Leon County, Florida. Below that is a certification by C. Nicholas, Clerk of the Court...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1826-1844; Other: Date acquired: 07/19/1956

Territory of Florida documents

 Collection — Box: 157
Identifier: MSS 0-244
Scope and Contents

Three court documents from Hamilton County Superior Court, Hamilton County, Florida, all signed by M. C. Peterson, Clerk of Court, and dated February 3, 1842.

Dates: Other: February 3, 1842; Other: Date acquired: 10/01/1956

The Florida Randolphs

 Collection — Box: 156
Identifier: MSS 80-5
Scope and Contents

This item is a compiled history of the Florida Randolph family, dating from 1829-1978. Compiled by Randolph Whitfield and John Chipmand, 1978. Names included in the work include: Randolph family, Bratton family, Chipman family, Eppes family, Gass family, Porter family, and Whitfield family. 99 pages, fold-outs, pictures. Photocopy number 36.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1829-1978

The Maurice Givens Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 1974-010

The Maurice Givens papers are a collection of manuscripts, research, notebooks, experiment results, and academic course work with a variety of professional and personal correspondence.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1885-1969; Other: Majority of material found in 1918-1942; Other: Date acquired: 10/00/1974

The Voice of the Clergy

 Collection — Container: Map Case 1, Drawer 2
Identifier: MSS 1965-252
Scope and Contents This broadside pertains to the emancipation of slaves, Philadelphia, PA, September, 1863. Other than the name of John Henry Hopkins, Bishop of the Diocese of Vermont, the broadside contains 104 names of Episcopal churchmen. The broadside uses language similar to the language of the Civil Rights articles that were appearing in the 1960s. The broadside also lists names of Episcopal churches, their locations, and the names of bishops, rectors, prevosts, and professors of Divinity Schools. Also known as MSS 0-252. Online Copy Available ...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found in 1863

The Yeti Collection

Identifier: MSS 2011-0323
Scope and Contents

The Yeti Collection documents the history and activities of The Yeti, an independent student organization publishing a newspaper at Florida State University and in the local Tallahassee community. The collection includes published student newspapers (2005-2011), postcards with artwork (2010-2011), handbooks for editors (2008-2010), information on advertising in The Yeti, and a Yeti t-shirt.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 2005-2011; Other: Date acquired: 03/23/2011

This Fair Spot manuscript

 Collection — Box: 311
Identifier: MSS 0-327
Scope and Contents

Holograph manuscript with no title page of Florence White Geary's This Fair Spot; Mood of Florida Summer, Key West, L.P. Artman, 1966. A collection of poems about Florida.

Dates: 1966; Other: Date acquired: 07/08/1966

This is Arabia Scrapbook and Pictures

 Collection — Box: 148
Identifier: MSS 1978-049
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of one scrapbook, entitled "This is Arabia", and thirty photographs of Arabia taken by James T. Goodbread while living and working there. The scrapbook has an embossed camel-hide cover and contains many snapshots of places and people in Arabia.

Dates: Other: Undated

Thomas Brown Diary of Trip to England

 Collection — Box: 138
Identifier: MSS 1978-057
Scope and Contents This item appears to be a photocopy of Thomas Brown's missing diary of his trip to England from July 1 through November 2, 1820. On the first page of the photocopy is the following note: "This Diary of Thomas Brown was given to me, Evelyn Cameron Lewis Manning, by my sister, the late Mary Douglass Lewis, who received it from her cousin, Susan Matilda Archer, grand-daughter of Thomas Brown. In the Autobiography of Thomas Brown he noted that he did not know what had become of his diary which he had kept on his trip to England. I appreciate the interest of Bertram H. Groene and the Florida State University Library in having this copy of the Diary of Thomas Brown included in the Papers of...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1820

Thomas Brown Papers

Identifier: MSS 1950-037
Scope and Contents One letter dated Washington, July 15, 1881 is addressed to "My Dearest Mother," and signed "Your loving son." The other items aside from this personal letter are one envelope and an item that appears to be an official document appointing Governor Brown as "My Proxy to vote in my stead in the general meeting of the..." The handwriting is difficult to read, but voting was to take place on "the 8th April 1852." Includes manuscript letter by Governor Thomas Brown, Executive Department of Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, January 31, 1853, to Captain Wm. B. Cone. Also includes a photocopy of Thomas Brown's missing diary of his trip to...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1852-1881

Thomas Burns Letters

Identifier: MSS 1998-002
Scope and Contents

This is a collection of personal letters written by Thomas Burns (76th Air Base Squadron) during World War II. Burns wrote from Hendricks Field, Sebring, Florida to Mary Donnelly in Massachusetts. He mostly wrote of his experiences and activities on the base. While the letters do not deal with Florida or World War II, they do offer a glimpse into courtship during that era and life on an air base.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1941-1985; Other: Majority of material found in 1941-1943

Thomas D. Bailey Papers

Identifier: MSS 0-11
Scope and Contents This collection contains detailed information about Florida schools during the administration of Thomas D. Bailey as State Superintendent of Public Instructions. The items in the collection are: 69 page typewritten essay on the Development of the Florida Department of Education 1900-1965; A typewritten "When I took office in 1949..." statement; Typewritten Statement by Thomas D. Bailey, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tallahassee, Florida - Re: Progress in Florida education; and Statement by Thomas D. Bailey, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tallahassee, Florida, August 23, 1965, annoucing Bailey's retirement, which was submitted to Florida's...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1949-1967; Other: Date acquired: 07/00/1971

Thomas D. Bailey Papers (Photocopies)

 Collection — Box: 137
Identifier: MSS 1-22
Scope and Contents This collection contains photocopied materials related to Thomas D. Bailey's time as Florida Superintendent of Public Instruction. It contains correspondence from 1955-1971, personal and biographical data about Bailey, as well as a large number of speeches and statements made while in office. These speeches cover a wide array of topics including graduation speeches for the Naval Air Station Civilian Apprentices in Pensacola; aid to children; Bible reading and prayer in public schools; the House Committee of Public and Higher Education; the necessity of community junior colleges as presented at the Southern States Work Conference in Daytona Beach; opposition to close sessions...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1951-1972

Thomas H. Bond Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 0-24
Scope and Contents

This collection includes the business papers of Thomas H. (Harvey) Bond and the estate papers of Thomas H. Lloyd of Jefferson County, Florida. Other materials and topics covered by the collection include business invoices, a 15-page reprint from the Florida Historical Quarterly entitled, "Thirty cents cotton at Lloyd, Florida, 1916-1919" by Clifton Paisley, banking papers, railroad bills, executors papers and related correspondence of Miss Annie Lloyd Bond, an invoice book, ledger, bookkeeping journal, farm account book, household account book, and the tax roll for the town of Lloyd.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1907-1947; Other: Date acquired: 11/01/1969

Thomas Howard will and inquisition post mortem

 Collection — map_case: MSS 0-331
Identifier: MSS 0-331
Scope and Contents

The last will and testament of Thomas Howard, 3rd duke of Norfolk along with the inquisition post mortem. Items are photocopies of originals housed in the London Public Records Office.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 11/22/1978

Thomas Jefferson McKain Correspondence

 Collection — Box: 1805
Identifier: MSS 2003-011

Correspondence to and from the Thomas J. McKain family. The papers document the family's life in Monticello, Florida in the 1870s and in Texas during the 1880s.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1871-1922

Thomas Percy letters

Identifier: MSS 78-6
Scope and Contents

Autograph letters to Dr. James Grainger and Robert Jamieson and an autograph note in unknown hand identifying Percy's letter to Grainger.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1759, 1801; Other: Majority of material found in April 2, 1759 and April 1, 1801

Thomas Sidney Jesup Letter

 Collection — Box: 150
Identifier: MSS 0-276
Scope and Contents

A letter from Thomas Sidney Jesup to Captain R. F. Loper of Philadelphia dated December 3, 1847. The letter pertains to the building of a vessel as recommended by Captain Loper. Includes clippings on Jesup and Osceola. The letter reads as follows:

"QMGenl Office, Washington City, Dec. 3d 1847

Sir, In reply to your several letters dated Nov. 6th 18th + 19th I have to inform you that there are heavy arrea[r]ages against the Department and until Congress acts in the matter, no arrangements can be made to build such a vessel as you recommend.

I remain sir, Your obedient T. S. Jesup, QMGenl

Capt. R.F. Loper Philadelphia"

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1847

Tom Campbell Civil War letters

 Collection — Box: 139
Identifier: MSS 1971-045
Scope and Contents The Civil War letters by Tom Campbell to Miss H.V. (Hennie) Wood of Cool Well, Virginia, are original holograph letters sent between 1861 and 1862. Each letter is accompanied by a typed transcript of the letter as well as a transparent envelope in which the letters had been stored. Locations in Virginia represented in the letters include Lynchburg, Charlotteville, Camp Jefferson, Camp Henry, Culpepper, Camp Taylor (Orange County), Camp near Yorktown, near Chickahomany River, Camp near Richmont, "Battlefield," and Wynder Hospital. Other items included in the collection are 19 pages of holograph notes relating to the Civil War, one post card sent from...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1861-1862; Other: Date acquired: 02/01/1971

Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker Photographic Slides

 Collection — Box: 01-13(unprocessed)
Identifier: MSS 2017-003
Scope and Contents

35mm color film slides featuring photographs created and collected by Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker. Photos document daily life, monuments, schools, and museums in China, predominately taken during a Fulbright Scholar Program in 1985.

Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1985; Other: Date acquired: 09/26/2017