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17th-20th Century Correspondence and Documents

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 1948-003
Scope and Contents

The 17th-20th Century Correspondence and Documents consists of letters, documents, and various forms of correspondence relating to notable names and celebrities from between 1618 and 1981.

Online Copies Available

Select materials from this collection have been digitized and are available through the FSU Digital Library.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1664-1976

19th c. Florida Letters

Identifier: MSS 1952-006
Scope and Contents

Correspondence. This collection is comprised of various groups of letters about Florida, dating between 1837 and 1891 most of which deal primarily with land issues.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1835-1891

25 for 25 Ephemera

 Collection — Container: HUA Accessions Box 31
Identifier: HUA 2016-109
Content Description

25 for 25 Fundraiser mailer, pamphlet, and flyer

Dates: 2016

27th Troop Carrier Squadron Foundation papers

 Collection — Container: 00.0241 - Box 1
Identifier: 00.0241
Scope and Contents

This collection related to the 27th Troop Carrier Squadron includes a manuscript that consists of memoirs entitled "Freedom Rings," which were gathered from members of the Army's 27th Troop Carrier Squadron about their time in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theater. The squadron was in the CBI Theater from 1942-1945. The squadron was involved in many Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and SACO (Sino-American-Cooperative-Organization) operations, including rescues and liberations of P.O.W.'s. The collection includes their veteran's association magazine/newsletters as well.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1942-2002; Other: Majority of material found within 1948-1982; Other: Date acquired: 05/18/2002

50th Anniversary Celebration Photographs

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: HUA 2018-108
Scope and Contents

Photos (some photos mounted on foam core some on non photo paper)

Dates: Undated

97th Bomb Group Reunion Association collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 01.0601
Scope and Contents This collection relates to the 97th Bombardment Group which was based in England, Africa and Italy during World War II and the first operational bomb group in England in 1942. The collection contains documents (mostly photocopies) on missions, statements and statistics, three diaries, and newspaper articles. Their daily operations reports, narrative reports, and casualty reports detail their accomplishments and their losses. Included are a collection of videos, audio tapes, and microfilm. Included are copies of three personal diaries by Alex Blair, Jr., LeRoy Teschendorf, and Herman F. Lykins. Also included is an extensive photograph collection of flight crews, air fields, and...
Dates: 1942-2000; Other: Date accessioned

385th Bomb Group Association collection

 Collection — Object: 18.0012 - Publication
Identifier: 18.0012
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to the 385th Bombardment Group, Heavy, that was stationed at Station 155, Great Ashfield, Suffolk, England during World War II.  The collection includes a publication which documents the group's history during the war.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1942-2015; Other: Majority of material found within 1943-1945; Other: Date acquired: 04/23/2018

460th Heavy Bombardment Group Society papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 01.0046
Scope and Contents The collection of the 460th Heavy Bombardment Group Society contains a unit history of this B-24 U.S. Army Air Corps Group, 55th Wing, 760th, 761st, 762nd, 763rd Squadrons and Group Headquarters, which served in the Italian Campaign. This collection primarily focuses on the memory of the war and those who served in the 460th. Included is a listing of the airmen who were held as prisoners of war, including their squadrons, positions on the plane (e.g. pilot, gunner), the date, mission, and what country or stalag in which they were held. Also included is a booklet, "Remembering the 460th Bomb Group (H)," which contains photographs, personnel lists, and maps, and was prepared as a...
Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1943-2015; Other: Date acquired: 02/07/2015

484th Bombardment Group Association papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 02.0047
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to the 484th Bombardment Group (Heavy) that was assigned to the 15th Air Force and based in Torretta, Italy as a component of the Foggia Airfield Complex during World War II and assigned B-24 Liberator heavy bombers.  The materials contained in this collection were subsequently assembled during the post-war period by the 484th Bombardment Group Association.  The collection contains official reports, data sheets, statistics, newspapers, Missing Air Crew Reports, personal histories, photographs, and unit histories.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1939-1998

1948 FSU Graduation Invitation

Identifier: HUA 2011-016
Dates: 1948

1950s Programs

 Collection — Container: HUA Accessions Box 28
Identifier: HUA 2019-019
Dates: Majority of material found in 1950s

1951 Gymnastics Trophy

 Collection — Object: HUA 2019-127 Box 1
Identifier: HUA 2019-127
Dates: 1951

1957 Short-Billed Cap and Pin, 1951 Social Regulations

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: HUA 2019-013
Dates: Majority of material found in 1951, 1957

1960s University Bookstore Paper Bag

Identifier: HUA 2007-131
Dates: 1960-1969

2015 Torch Awards Ephemera

 Collection — Container: HUA Accessions Box 31
Identifier: HUA 2016-093
Content Description

Menu, program, and invitation from the Torch Awards

Dates: 2015

A Century of Tallahassee Girls, 1824-1924

 Collection — Container: HP Miscellaneous Documents box 1
Identifier: HP 2007-056
Scope and Contents

"A Century of Tallahassee Girls: As Viewed from the Leaves of their Diaries," collected and compiled by Clara R. Hayden.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: undated

A Little Garnet... A Lot of Gold Vinyl Record

 Collection — Container: HUA Accessions Box 30
Identifier: HUA 2019-081
Scope and Contents

33 & 1/3 record size: FSU history recorded by notable figures

Dates: 1982

A Long Time Since Morning Manuscript and Galley Proofs

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 0-328
Scope and Contents

Original typewritten manuscript and galley proofs of Leon Odell Griffith's A Long Time Since Morning. The typewritten manuscript included handwritten edits, is unbound, and has some documentation from the publisher, Random House. The galley proofs are also unbound with handwritten edits and are stored folded. They are dated March 18, 1954.

Dates: 1954

"A True Obligation" by James B. Tippin

 Collection — Container: HUA Accessions Box 29
Identifier: HUA 2019-128
Scope and Contents

Red booklet titled "A True Obligation" by James B. Tippin, Jr. A salute to the group of Veterans of WWII who gathered at Dale Mabry Field.

Dates: 2007

AAUW Alumni Records

 Collection — Box: HUA Accessions Box 4
Identifier: HUA 2019-073
Scope and Contents American Association of University Women Fellows pamphlet, Community partner thank you letter to Linda Henning (FSU alumni) from, Letter to Deborah E. Hepburn from Leon County School Board accepting her as a qualified substitute teacher, FSU alumni In Memorian page from the 1996 Alumni Bulletin, article "Lists of Books for Children", article "Nebraska AAUW state division educational program", article "Report on material desired for legislative study", article "The AAUW phase of the pacific southwest confreence on adult education", February 1996 Wakulla Area Digest opened to page 7 "Remebering Camp Gordon Johnston", Post card book from Spain "Recuerdo de Toledo", Letter to...
Dates: 1986-2006

AAUW Florida Records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2017-007
Scope and Contents

Records of the American Association of University Women, Florida Division, including publications, reports, press clippings, directories, convention records, and Board of Directors records.

Online Copies Available

Born-digital materials from this collection are available through the FSU Digital Library.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1982-2012; Other: Date acquired: 11/08/2017

Zelma D. Abarbanel collection

 Collection — Container: Single Folder Collections - 2007 Box 2 (07.0075-07.0157), Folder: 07.0119 - Folder 1
Identifier: 07.0119
Content Description

This collection refers to Zelma D. Abarbanel, who served as a Technician Fourth Grade with the WAC Second Detachment during World War II. Abarbanel worked as a stenographer and assistant for the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia, in the Office of Weapons. The collection includes a transcript of an oral history interview, one letter, the military records of both Abarbanel and her husband, Milton Goldman Abarbanel, and several photographs depicting Abarbanel’s life as a WAC.

Dates: 1943-1945; Date accessioned: 2019-05-29

Abraham Kurkindolle Allison Estate Testamentary

 Collection — Box: 137
Identifier: MSS 1978-033
Scope and Contents

A testamentary dated July 17, 1893, signed by Paul Thompson, County Judge, Gadsden County. The document appoints C.E.L. Allison and Elizabeth S. Allison as Executor and Executrix of Abraham Kurkindolle Allison's estate.

Dates: Majority of material found in July 17, 1893

A.C. Lyles Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MSS 2014-007
Scope and Contents

Print documents and photographs documenting the career of A.C. Lyles at Paramount Pictures Corporation and as an advisor to the Ronald Reagan presidential administration. The collection includes scripts, production records, financial records, books, awards, personal documents, political correspondence, celebrity correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 05/22/2014

Academic Affairs Records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: HUA 2017-063
Scope and Contents

Photographs Institute on College Student Values publications (mostly conference proceedings) CDs, VHS, and Cassette Tapes - May need to be transferred to new media - digitization candidate Quilt FSU Torch symbols cut from a banner VHS Player Cassette to MP3 Converter Gold Dorman and Deviney Hall Medallions

Dates: Undated

Academic Mace Sketch

 Collection — Container: HP Miscellaneous Documents box 3
Identifier: HP 2007-106
Scope and Contents

The Academic Mace Sketch is a revised drawing of the Florida State University academic mace used during formal academic related processions.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 00/00/2007

Account Book

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MSS 85-01
Scope and Contents

Account Book (possibly a store account book) Feb. to Nov. 1872.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1872

Donald and Portia Ackerman collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 03.0177
Content Description

This collection relates to Donald and Portia Ackerman. Donald Ackerman served as a pilot on B-24 bombers with the 44th Bomb Squadron, 506th Bombardment Group, in the European Theater of Operations during World War II. He continued to serve in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years and served during the Korean War.This collection contains an oral history transcript, artifacts, audio tapes, documents, letters, maps, pamphlets, and photographs relating to Donald and Portia Ackerman.

Dates: 1941-1990; Other: Date accessioned: 2003-10-23

Adams Brothers Store Ledger

 Collection — Container: Oversize
Identifier: MSS 2006-015
Scope and Contents

While the Adams Brothers Store Ledger covers only a brief period of the existence of this business (1898-1899), it documents the operations of a late 19th and early 20th Century mercantile store in north Florida. It is significant to researchers studying North Florida's economic history during this period.

Dates: translation missing: en.enumerations.date_label.created: 1898-1899

James Adams collection

 Collection — Container: 12.0004 - Box 1
Identifier: 12.0004
Content Description

This collection relates to James Adams who served as an infantryman with the 26th “Yankee” Division and later the 87th Infantry regiment, part of General George Patton’s 3rd Army. The collection contains letters and postcards from James Adams to family, mostly his mother.

Dates: Event: Majority of material found within 1943-1945; Other: 2020-03-02

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