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World War, 1939-1945--Naval operations, American

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 14 Collections and/or Records:

Oliver Anderson papers

 Collection — Box 00.0710 - Box 1
Identifier: 02-00.0710
Scope and Contents This collection pertains to Oliver “Bud” Anderson who served as a Ship Fitter Second Class aboard the USS Clifton (IX-184) during World War II. The collection contains letters Anderson sent to his mother, father, and brother Nolan while stationed in various locations in the United States, Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and Japan. Anderson's letters discuss mail, his high school sweetheart, Indigenous peoples, weather, entertainment, a furlough, rationing, and training. His government documents, several menus, and reflections from 2000 on his war experiences are also included. The collection also includes letters Anderson’s brother-in-law, Boyd...
Dates: Created: 1942-2000; Other: Majority of material found within 1943-1945; Other: Date acquired: 08/28/2000

Charles Donati collection

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2006 Box, Folder: 06.0099- Folder 1
Identifier: 02-06.0099
Content Description

This collection relates to Charles Donati who served as a Machinist's Mate in the U.S. Navy during the Second World War. The collection contains military records and a history of the U.S.S.Hornet (CV12) on which Donati served.

Dates: 1943-1946

Joseph Jennings transcript

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2001 Box, Folder: 01.0199 - Folder 1
Identifier: 02-01.0199
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of Joseph Jennings, who was enlisted in the U.S. Navy and worked as an aircraft radio operator during World War II and served in the South Atlantic guarding the Brazilian coastline near Rio do Janeiro. The interview covers his duties and anecdotes, like his training in Norfolk, VA, his emergency appendectomy, and his time in Dutch Guyana. The interview also describes his early years during the Great Depression in Oklahoma.

Dates: Created: 1922-2008; Other: Majority of material found in 1941-1945; Other: Date acquired: 12/07/2001

Thelma McNeill collection

 Collection — Box Single Folder Collections - 2006 Box, Folder: 06.0095 - Folder 1
Identifier: 02-06.0095
Content Description

This collection includes three written biographical histories and a personal memoir transcript by Thelma McNeill of family members' and her own service during the Second World War. These narratives detail the lives of a captured Merchant Mariner during the Battle of the Atlantic, an injured tank officer during the Battle of France, a U.S. Naval officer, and a McNeill who served as a Red Cross volunteer in the Pacific Theater.

Dates: Event: 1940-1945

Melvin James Kelly papers

 Collection — Newsletters/Newspapers
Identifier: 02-15.0029
Scope and Contents

This collection contains World War II locally published U.S. Navy Seabees news bulletins. which contain articles about the recruitment, expansion and war time activities of the Navy Construction Battalions, the CBs or Seabees.

Dates: Created: 1943-1945; Other: Majority of material found in 1943; Other: Date acquired: 07/15/2015

Milton J. Rosen Photographs

 Collection — Photographs
Identifier: 02-07.0110
Scope and Contents

This collection includes photographs taken in the Philippines during the later years of WWII. The photographs were taken by Milton J. Rosen and the 2766 Photomapping Battalion, 25th Engineers. These photos were taken over the course of a year from 1945-1946. They include buildings, streets, daily life (of both the soldiers and citizens), Army vehicles, and other landmarks of the Philippines. The collection also includes a photograph of General Eisenhower and General Styer. The photographs are centralized around Manila and Banguio. Several landmarks make reoccuring appearances, such as the Chinese Cemetery, the Jewish Cemetery, the Roosevelt Club, and the Pasig River.

Dates: Created: 1945-1946; Other: Date acquired: 06/15/2017

Frank E. Murray collection

 Collection — Box 12.0010 - Box 1
Identifier: 02-12.0010
Scope and Contents The letters in the Frank E. Murray Collection categorize and depict the adolescent and enlisted experience of aspiring Navy pilots who trained in Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Naval Air Technical Training in Memphis, and flight training in Corpus Christi and Kingsville during the latter half of the Second World War. Brief descriptions of Boot Camp life in Jacksonville, Ground training and radio/radar ordinance in Memphis, and flying in Corpus Christi define the majority of Murray's experience before transferring to San Diego as the war was coming to a close. During Post-War rebuilding, as a part of the Civilian Air Patrol, he flew routine missions around the Pacific transporting...
Dates: 1944-1946

O'Leary Family collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 02-19.0011
Content Description

This collection relates to Dr. John “Jack” J. O’Leary Sr. and Jr. Both men served in U.S. Navy during World War II, with Dr. O’Leary Senior working as Examining Physician. This collection contains various group photographs of Dr. O’Leary in various honor societies, military certificates for both Dr. O’Leary Senior and Jr., a framed portrait of Dr. O’Leary Jr., and a forty-eight-star flag.

Dates: 1942-1953

Russell J. Buster papers

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: 02-98.0676
Scope and Contents

The collection contains correspondence and ephemera from Russell's experiences with the Army in the Pacific during World War II. It contains letters to his parents and siblings, newspaper articles from the period concerning the places he visited, photographs from the different locations he was stationed, and small artifacts like pocket guides, foreign currency, and maps.

Dates: Created: 1941-1945; Other: Date acquired: 07/08/1998

Alexander Schmidt collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 02-16.0018
Scope and Contents This World War II collection covers the overseas experience of a sailor in the U.S. Navy aboard the escort aircraft carrier U.S.S. Natoma Bay (CVE 62), Composite Squadron 63 (VC-63). The collection includes sets of uniforms, a bomber jacket, personal papers, medals, awards, and a plaque. His personal papers include personnel documents, two journals, captured Japanese papers, the Bluejacket Manual, Natoma Bay records, and various publications from and about the Natoma Bay Association. The papers primarily document his time spent in the Pacific Campaign, although his records also date his trainings in Rhode Island and Jacksonville, Florida. This sailor also...
Dates: 1942-1945; Other: Date acquired: 08/03/2016

Darwin Stapleton collection

 Collection — Box 14.0035 - Box 1
Identifier: 02-14.0035
Scope and Contents

This collection relates to Staff Sergeant Warren R. MacInnes (part of the 834th) in Italy. The box contains letters and photographs sent to him from his wife while he was stationed on the Italian front in Europe. In addition, there are periodicals and pamphlets related to the reintroduction of soldiers from the Italian front back into civilian life Stateside.  This collection also contains documents related to Private Gerald Greenbaum who served with 1560th Service Unit, Medical Section-Station Complement, Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

Dates: 1942-1976; Other: Majority of material found within 1944-1946; Other: Date acquired: 05/15/2015

The Wainwright Liberator collection

 Collection — Box 17.0012 - Box 1
Identifier: 02-17.0012
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of The Wainwright Liberator newsletters published during World War II by the J.A. Jones Construction Company, Inc. at the Wainwright Yard, Panama City, Florida.

Dates: 1944-1945; Other: Date acquired: 07/05/2017

U.S.S. Independence papers

 Collection — 98.0594
Identifier: 02-98.0594
Scope and Contents

This collection deals mainly with the U.S.S. Independence (CVL-22), and its participation in the Pacific war, from it's commissioning in 1942, until the wars end. This collection includes an oral history transcript, as well as documents published on, and related to, the U.S.S. Independence, from its construction until its sinking as part of a naval excercise. The collection also includes a minor amount of details surrounding the various ships named "Independence".

Dates: Created: 1918-1959; Other: Majority of material found in 1942-1945; Other: Date acquired: 07/17/1998

William Leslie Eaton papers

 Collection — Official Documents
Identifier: 02-97.0005
Scope and Contents

William Leslie Eaton served aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Longshaw (DD-559) until its sinking on May 18, 1945. The collection includes reproductions of official documents surrounding the sinking of the U.S.S. Longshaw, along with several pictures of the sinking. It also contains materials related to the general naval war in the Pacific Theater, including information about the U.S.S. Mississippi's bombardment of Shuri Castle at Okinawa, carrier raids on Japan, and messages from admirals praising the Pacific Fleet.

Dates: Created: 1942-1998; Other: Majority of material found in 1942-1945; Other: Date acquired: 07/21/1997